Chapter 7: Natural, Cultural, Historic, Scenic, Energy, and Groundwater Resources Element Summary

Resources Icon.This Comprehensive Plan element addresses natural, cultural, historic, scenic, energy, and groundwater resources within the context of Statewide Planning Goal 5.
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Fanno Creek Farmhouse on a sunny day with light filtering through deciduous tree.
Close up photo of single white trillium plant in forested area.

The city’s goals for natural, cultural, historic, scenic, energy and groundwater resources include:

  • Pedestrian walking along a wooden footbridge at a filtered sunlit natural area.Balance development rights with natural resource protection.
  • Preserve, manage, and encourage the restoration of historic sites, structures, and objects designated as Significant Historic Landmarks, and protect the character of the Downtown Historic District as listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Conserve, protect, enhance, or restore the functions and values of inventoried historic natural resources.
  • Promote a healthy environment and natural landscape in riparian corridors, and manage conflicting uses through education, and adoption and enforcement of regulations.
  • Protect or enhance wetlands adopted as Significant Wetlands in the Local Wetland Inventory.
  • Protect wildlife habitat in the city in association with protecting significant natural resources.
  • Conserve Significant Scenic Views and Sites, and the value they add to community.
  • Increased use of solar energy and other renewable energy resources in new development in the City.
  • Protect groundwater in the City from contamination.

The reports, plans and maps provided below helped shape the City’s policies relating to natural, cultural, historic, scenic, energy, and groundwater resources.

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