Diversity Advisory Board (DAB)

About DAB

The Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) exists to advise the Mayor and City Council on equity and inclusion strategies that strengthen connections among diverse communities living in Beaverton and with the city government. The board is composed of 13 regular members who are appointed for three year terms and up to 3 alternates.

Group photo of 2018 Diversity Advisory Board members.


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan 2019 Update has been officially adopted by City Council!

DAB releases a joint statement Reaffirming Our Commitment to Sanctuary and Welcoming in October 2018.

Members of the Diversity Advisory Board maintain an independent Facebook page to share about their activities in the community.

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Learn more about the Beaverton Night Market, a special project of the Diversity Advisory Board. Check out the Beaverton Winter Night Market – coming in November/December 2019!

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Regular Meetings


Every second Monday of the month from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Meeting dates for 2019: Jan 12 (Board Retreat), Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13 (location change), Jun 10, Jul 8, Aug 12, Sep 9, Oct 14, Nov 4 (date and location change), Dec 9


Beaverton City Hall
Council Chambers, 1st Floor
12725 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton OR 97005

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available here prior to monthly meetings.

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Prior month's minutes are also available following board approval.

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Can I Participate?

Meetings are public, so please join us! Time for public comment is reserved on the agenda.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Plan

The DAB has accepted the following definitions for their work:

Cover of Diversity Equity & Inclusion Plan link to document. Opens in new windowDiversity includes all the ways that people differ, which encompasses the variation of social and cultural identities among people existing together.

Equity is when structural barriers that have historically disadvantaged certain groups are removed and everyone has access to the opportunities and tools they need to thrive. Equity is measured in outcomes and is achieved when one’s identity can no longer predict their success.

Inclusion means that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and encouraged to fully participate and belong.

The City reports annually on its progress in implementing the DEI Plan. Most recent report:

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan highlights the following 6 key areas:

  • Public Engagement
  • City Practices
  • Housing & Livability
  • Public Safety
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Community Building & Inclusion

Board Purpose & Duties

  • Advise the Mayor and City Council on outreach strategies to engage Beaverton’s various communities of color.
  • Work with residents, staff, and elected officials to make recommendations for maintaining the city’s diversity, equity and inclusion plan that embraces the city’s goal to build a welcoming and friendly community where all can thrive. The plan should include suggested strategies and actions to achieve stated goals.
  • Promote the city’s efforts to involve residents from underrepresented communities on city volunteer committees, boards, commissions, and neighborhood associations, as well as seek employment within the city.
  • Promote the Board to the public and help implement the strategies in the diversity, equity and inclusion plan for public outreach. To assist in informational opportunities, presentations, open houses, and other public initiatives providing information about the Board to the public.
  • Make recommendations to the City Council for widespread and ongoing diverse public involvement and to assist the City Council by advising on methods by which Beaverton residents can better participate in the decision making process.
  • Advise the City on public information and materials to ensure they are culturally responsive and presented in understandable formats.

DAB Ordinance & By-laws Diversity Advisory Board Ordinance and Bylaws

Additional Information

The selection process for new board members happens annually in the fall alongside the city’s other boards and commissions. Applications are accepted throughout the year but will only be reviewed for open vacancies after the application deadline in early October. For more information, please visit: Boards and Commissions Application Process