Temporary Use Permits

Temporary Use

There are four Temporary Use (TU) applications described in Chapter 40, Section 40.80.15 of the City Development Code

  • Temporary Mobile Sales Application: Applies only for a use that is mobile (e.g. operates from a truck or van) in a single location for a period that is greater than one hour and less than seven hours. 
  • Temporary Non-Mobile Sales Application: Applies to the sale of holiday vegetation and fireworks, circuses, carnivals, animal rides and use of private property for promotional product sales or service (except where activity is eligible for exemption under Applicability of Section 40.80.10). 
  • Temporary Structure Application: Applies to the placement of a temporary structure while development is taking place, or placement of drop-off station, or a temporary wireless communication facility. 
  • Temporary Real Estate Office Application: Allows a temporary real estate office during development of a residential subdivision. 

Special Event

Separate approval criteria apply. For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at 503-526-2420.