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Large moss covered tree being tended to by arborist atop a specialized, extension lift.Oregon White Oak Receives Tree Restoration Grant

In a partnership with General Tree Service we will be granting a tree restoration to a large Oregon White Oak!


4675 SW Watson Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97005
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Thursday April 30, 2020

Large moss covered oak being tended to by arborists.

Beaverton Ponderosa Receives General Tree Service’s Preservation Grant!

The huge, twisting, and rather spectacular-looking Ponderosa pine at the intersection of SW Angel and SW 4th has been getting some attention lately. And, thanks to a grant from General Tree Service, it also received some greatly needed tree-pampering. The prominent and increasingly famous tree has been a longtime favorite of the City’s Arborist, Pat Hoff, and he’s thinking it’s about time it started getting a bit spoiled. “I pushed to have the tree accepted as “Beaverton’s Favorite Tree” when the program was still running nearly 20 years ago” Hoff reminisces. “But funding was cut and it never got the recognition it deserved.” 

In celebration of Oregon Arbor Week, General Tree Service awarded the City of Beaverton their 2013 Tree Preservation Grant. The grant is available to local governments, nonprofit organizations, and deserving individuals to assist them in caring for and preserving their valuable and irreplaceable trees. And Pat Hoff knew just what tree could use the “makeover.” 

On the morning of April 10, 2013, General Tree Service provided pruning services consisting of crown cleaning and thinning for the majestic tree. Starting out at over 130 feet tall, General Tree Service had three different climbers ascend the Ponderosa, two crewmembers to manage the groundwork, an aerial lift, and a chipper onsite to complete the massive task. And to oversee the success of the tree’s prune job was Ray Carter, General Manager for the local tree company. Carter says that while General Tree Service has only been in Beaverton for three years, the company has been in Clackamas since 1924 - almost 100 years! The certified arborist has worked in and around trees for much of his professional life, but highly anticipates the centennial milestone, and not just because of what it says about the lasting success of General Tree Service. “I’m planning on retiring that year!” he says with a satisfied smile. 

And when asked what his favorite tree in Beaverton is, Ray Carter doesn’t hesitate. “After coming out to work on this one” he says, gesturing towards the downtown Ponderosa pine, “This is my new favorite, no question.” Pat Hoff nods approvingly. He knows that as people inspect the beautiful work the City of Beaverton and General Tree Service have done at 4th and Angel, they won’t be the only two that think so. 

Pre-makeover article about this Ponderosa pine winning the Tree Preservation Grant from General Tree Service.

Arborist stands in elevated cherry picker while examining a large tree.
Arborist wearing safety suspension equipment inspects large tree.
Two arborists take a time out from inspecting large tree for a photo opportunity.