Electric Vehicles, Parking & Charging

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

It’s a well known fact that the greatest benefit of electric vehicles is that they don’t emit any exhaust while they drive, but there’s much more. Electric vehicles operate at a higher rate of energy efficiency than internal combustion engine vehicles, and therefore at a fraction of the cost. The City of Beaverton is committed to supporting the use of electric vehicles as to reduce the Beaverton community’s dependence on fossil fuels, and clean our air. As demand for electric vehicles in Beaverton grows, the city will seek to support the installation of charging station infrastructure in accessible locations..

Looking to buy your own electric vehicle or build your business’s electric fleet? Portland General Electric provides detailed resources on the energy and economic benefits of EVs, and how to get onsite charging at your home or business.

Additionally, the State of Oregon provides cash incentives for EVs and charging stations!

City Fleet

The city currently owns two electric vehicles, one in the city employee vehicle pool, and the other dedicated to the efforts of the Solid Waste & Recycling and Sustainability departments. As charging infrastructure expands, the City intends to add to it’s collection EVs. Additionally, the city fleet also boasts 14 hybrid vehicles spread across the Police department, Library, and Mayor’s Office.

Looking to serve as an example to our community and promote the health of our employees, the city has four pool bikes for city staff to share, two of which are electric bikes that were purchased in April 2019!

Black electric bicycle not in use and leaning on kickstand.