Businesses Who Lease

Do You Lease Space for Your Business & Are You Interested in Energy Efficiency Measures?

We would like to help you explore ways to work with your property owner to make this happen. Don’t let leasing be a barrier to achieving energy savings.

While leases vary widely in their treatment of energy costs, most are a variation on one of the following themes:
  • Net leases, the tenant pays for all expenses
  • Gross leases, the building owner pays for all expenses
  • Fixed-based leases, where the building owners pays a certain amount of expenses (as defined by a “base year” or an “expense stop”) and the tenant pays the rest
Although these names for types of leases are not universal, the good news is that energy efficiency can be pursued profitably in almost any scenario.

To begin looking at how you can save energy and money within the framework of your lease arrangement, call (503) 526-2213.

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