Tips for Mitigating Earthquake Damage

Most experts agree it is not if, but when a significant earthquake will occur in the Pacific Northwest. Many homeowners have questions about what they can do to their home to help protect it from earthquake damage. The following information is provided to answer some of those questions.

Earthquakes are potentially the most destructive disaster impacting the city. The major threats posed by earthquakes include bodily injuries and property damage, which can be considerable and even catastrophic. Most of the property damage caused by earthquakes ends up being handled and paid for by the homeowner. Mitigation is an effective way to reduce potential physical and financial impacts. As a homeowner you can significantly reduce damage to your home by fixing a number of known and common weaknesses.

Earthquake Mitigation FAQ

Permits and Contractors

Frequently asked questions about Seismic Retrofitting of a Single-Family Home.

Information about building permits, inspections, licenses and contractors.

Permits and Contractors FAQ