Victim Impact Statement

What is a Victim Impact Statement

A victim impact statement is an opportunity for your voice to be heard by our criminal justice system. It is a written statement or words you speak at sentencing describing how the crime affected you and others. Describing the impact of the crime on you is your right as a victim of a crime.

If I decide to make a victim impact statement, how can I make it?

If the defendant is convicted and you choose to tell the Court about your experiences, you may do so in a variety of ways. You can personally make your statement to the Court by speaking at the sentencing. If you are not comfortable with this option, you may complete the victim impact statement form and submit it to the City Attorney’s Office. The City Prosecutor will present this statement to the judge at sentencing.

Written or spoken statements may become a part of the official court record. The judge, the prosecutor, the defendant, and the defendant’s attorney have access to your statement when it is presented at sentencing.

If I decide to make a victim impact statement, what do I say?

Telling the Court about your experience is very important. By doing so, you are giving the Court the opportunity, if the defendant is found guilty, to consider the impact of the crime on you and others when the defendant’s sentence is determined. You may write answers to the questions in the space provided or, print a copy of this form so you can write your own thoughts on the form or on another piece of paper. Written forms should be submitted to

  • City Attorney’s Office,
    Attn: Victim’s Assistance
    PO Box 4755
    Beaverton, Oregon 97076

Be sure to include the case number and defendant’s name on the form.