Beaverton Enterprise Zone Program

About EZone Program

The Beaverton Enterprise Zone was designated as a local Enterprise Zone program by Business Oregon on June 12, 2012. The program allows a property tax abatement for eligible businesses on any new development (land and existing improvements do not qualify) within the Enterprise Zone for three years - up to five. The Beaverton Enterprise Zone is an urban enterprise zone and includes additional eligibility requirements beyond to those required by the State program.

Enterprise Zones are designed to encourage business investment through property tax relief, in specific areas of the state. In exchange for locating or expanding into an Enterprise Zone, eligible (generally non-retail) businesses receive total exemption from the property taxes normally assessed on new plant and equipment, for a specified amount of time, which varies between the different zone programs.

Beaverton now has an Electronic Commerce overlay as part of the existing Enterprise Zone boundary. Electronic Commerce is defined as electronic transactions, which can include taking orders, closing sales, making purchases, providing customer service or undertaking other activities that serve the business's overall purpose. A significant feature of these designations is that qualifying businesses may receive a credit against the business's annual state income or corporate excise tax liability. The credit equals 25 percent of the investment cost made in capital assets used in Electronic Commerce operations inside the Enterprise Zone. In addition, newly installed personal property, machinery, and equipment that qualifies for exemption is more broadly defined and can include personal property for Electronic Commerce costing $1,000 or more per item. Read about Electronic Commerce Zones and learn how it might benefit your business.

Beaverton Enterprise Zone Areas - Aerial map of entire Enterprise Zone boundary. 

  • EZone 1 - Generally located north of Tualatin Valley Highway, EZone 1 is 2.38 square miles and includes 0.64 square miles in unincorporated Washington County. The commercial and industrial areas west of Murray Boulevard include access to light rail. The area east of Murray Boulevard includes more than 40 acres of Station Community and interim Washington County Industrial zoned parcels near a light rail stop and over 115 acres zoned General Commercial.
  • EZone Central was added to the Beaverton Enterprise Zone with the boundary expansion in March 2013. It is approximately 0.67 square miles and includes Regional Center multi-use zoning encompassing the historic downtown. The area is serviced by major transportation corridors such as Highway 217, Canyon Road, and Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway as well as the Beaverton Transit Center with the red and blue MAX lines and WES commuter rail.
  • EZone 2 - Situated east of Hwy 217, E Zone 2 has industrial and commercial land to meet a variety of needs. The industrial park south of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway offers industrial and flex space as well as vacant and redevelopable land. The General Commercial zoned area along Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway includes a mix of uses including some office. 
  • EZone 3 runs along the east side of Highway 217 from 5th Street to Scholls Ferry Road. More than 95 acres are zoned Industrial and 215 acres are zoned Office Industrial. Several vacant buildings are currently located within the area. 

For more information, contact David Tetrick with the City of Beaverton, Economic Development Division at 503-526-2537.

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