Holiday Tree Recycling

Single-Family Homes

Photo of symmetrical, short needled Christmas tree without decorations.Holiday trees can be recycled as yard debris at single-family homes. 

  • Place greenery and trees into your cart if it will fit (either whole or cut up). 
  • Whole trees can be placed on the curb as an additional yard debris set-out, for a charge
    • If shorter than six feet, your tree can be set out whole. 
    • If taller than six feet, it should be cut into pieces less than six feet long. 
    • No matter the length, the tree should be set-out with your yard debris cart, so your hauler can lift it into the truck. 
  • In the case of inclement weather, your tree pick-up will count as one yard debris set-out and will be picked-up either the next day or the next scheduled service day. 

Multi-Family Communities

In multi-family communities, such as apartments or condominiums with centralized hauling services, residents should first contact their property manager or board of directors to determine if a holiday tree pick-up service or event has been arranged. 

Otherwise, visit Metro’s Find-A-Recycler website to determine the closest yard debris recycling facility or seasonal tree recycling event. 

General Requirements 

  • Your tree should not include: 
    • Tinsel 
    • Ornaments 
    • Tree stands 
    • Nails or spikes 
    • Flocking
  • Wreaths and swags can also be placed in your yard debris cart (metal wire and non-plant products removed). 
  • Flocked (artificial snow treatment) trees are not accepted. 

If you have any questions, call your garbage and recycling hauler.