Traffic School Safety Program

Traffic School

The Traffic School Safety program is designed to allow drivers the opportunity to recognize and review their driving habits, attitudes, and behaviors. Traffic school is available online and is offered in many different languages. Most people finish the class in less than two hours.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You were not cited with a Class A Violation;
  • No previous moving violation or traffic crime convictions within the last two years;
  • You hold a current valid driver's license;
  • You do not hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL); and
  • You have not participated in a traffic safety program in the last two years.

A judge cannot allow you to take traffic school if you have a CDL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to complete the program?
Eligible applicants will have 60 days to complete the class and pay the program fee to the court. When those conditions are met, the Court will dismiss the charge.

How much are the fees?
The fees for the program are less than the presumptive fine that is on your ticket and you will NOT have to pay the fine – just the fees. Program fees include a court fee and a class registration fee. Class registration fees can be found on our traffic school partners’ websites.

Traffic School Court Fees
Presumptive Fine
Traffic School Court Fee
(does not include class registration fee)

Excessive Speeding, Parking, Misdemeanors (DUII), Seatbelt and Mobile Device* citations are NOT eligible for our Traffic School Program.

*1st offense Mobile Device Citations are eligible for the Distracted Driver Program. For questions, email the court.

Where can I take the class?
For more information about the classes themselves, or for up-to-date class registration fees, please review our partner websites below. DO NOT register for a class unless you have received a court referral.

Compass Learning Systems link to website. Opens in new windowWebsite:
Phone: 503-208-7014

NTSI logo link to website. Opens in new windowWebsite:
Phone: 800-588-6874

UTURN180 logo link to website.Website:
Phone:877-399-UTRN (8876)