Traffic School Safety Program

You Must Appear in Person at the Court to Sign Up for the Program

The Traffic School Safety program is designed to allow drivers the opportunity to recognize and review their driving habits, attitudes, and behaviors. Traffic school is available both online and in-person and is offered in many different languages.

Generally, you can sign up for Traffic School if:

  • You were cited for a moving violation that does not involve an accident.
  • You have no previous moving violation or traffic crime convictions within the last two years.
  • You have not participated in a traffic safety program in the last two years.
  • You have a valid non-commercial driver license or permit. CDL holders may not do Traffic School pursuant to federal law.
  • You meet eligibility requirements set forth by the Court as determined at your Court appearance.

When you appear at the court office, the clerk will give you the options available to you. If you are eligible for the traffic school program and you choose that option, the clerk will provide you with the proper paperwork to enroll you in the program and give you the information you need to contact the traffic school to take the class. The fees for the program are less than the presumptive fine that is on your ticket.

You must appear on or before the Court Appearance Date listed at the bottom of your citation. When you sign up for the safety program, you have 60 days to pay the Program Fee in full and complete the traffic course. When those conditions are met, the Court will dismiss the charge.

Requirements of program (if you are eligible):

  1. Enter a plea of No Contest plea either on or before the arraignment date on your ticket and sign up for the Traffic School Program in person.
    NOTE: A Not Guilty Plea and / or a request for trial forfeits your Traffic School option.
  2. Pay the court fee in full within the 60-day period.
  3. Contact the school, pay the class fee and register for the class.
  4. Successfully complete the class and receive a Certificate of Completion by the deadline on your court paperwork.