How Code Compliance Can Help You

How Code Violations are Resolved - PDF

Community Education & Awareness

The Code Compliance Program is a resource for you concerning the Beaverton Municipal Code. By increasing community awareness of the Municipal Code, we can prevent code violations and encourage compliance with the Municipal Code. We can help you with issues such as:
  • Business owner responsibilities (Businesses License, Sign Code)
  • Homeowner responsibilities (Property and Yard Maintenance, Trash Service)
  • Tenant Responsibilities (Smoke Alarms, Cleanliness, Vehicles)

Code Enforcement

The Code Compliance Program is a resource to help resolve code violations in your neighborhood. To report abandoned vehicles, use our online Report a Problem Form or call the Abandoned Auto Hotline at (503) 350-4058. You can also report other types of violations using our online Report a Problem Form or by email, or call (503) 526-2270. Please leave a detailed voicemail message if we are not able to personally answer your call.

Information Requirements

In order to investigate your complaint, we need some information. The more information that you can provide, the more quickly we will be able to pursue a resolution of the problem:
  • A clear description of the problem
  • A description of the vehicle; include color, make, model, license plate, and tag expiration date
  • The address where the problem is occurring - if there is no address, then the address or intersection nearest to where the problem is occurring, or other information describing the location of the problem
  • The name and contact information for the violator, if known
  • Your name and telephone number, unless you want to remain anonymous. If you provide your name and contact info, your complaint will not be anonymous.
Standard Code Enforcement Process - PDF

Code Enforcement Process