Volunteer Opportunities

Applications for 2017 volunteers will be available to individuals who complete Basic Mediation Training  


Become a Mediator

The Dispute Resolution Center brings on new mediators on an annual basis. Our Basic Mediation training is offered to anyone interested in learning about mediation. Once you complete the training, we invite you to apply to become a volunteer mediator and have the opportunity for mentorship and practical application of your newly acquired skills.  We ask our volunteers to agree to volunteer with the Dispute Resolution Center for a minimum of one year for approximately 2–3 hours per week. Participation may include:
  • Case intake
  • Case management
  • Group facilitation
  • Outreach to the community
  • Program development
  • Table mediation


For the 2017 cohort, we are looking for applicants with a strong interest in conflict resolution. Preference will be given to applicants with experience with conflict resolution, communication, social work, or other related field.  Most importantly, we look for volunteers with strong listening skills, openness to coaching, and empathy for others.


There are a limited number of positions available, so admission to the training is competitive. We bring on new mediators on an annual basis; applications for new mediators will be available at the end of the 2017 Basic Mediation Training. If you have completed a basic mediation training through another agency, please contact our center at  (503) 526-2523 to discuss applying.

Mediation Training

Mediation training will cover all aspects of the mediation process. Topics include but are not limited to, structure of mediation, agenda building, advanced listening and questioning techniques, breaking impasses, and ethical considerations. In addition, volunteers will learn about the Dispute Resolution Center case management, intercultural conflict resolution, conflict coaching, and conciliation.

2017 DRC Volunteer Mediator Training Dates

Mediation Training
January 27, 28, February 3, 4
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Case Management 
Intercultural Conflict Resolution