Development Code Improvement Project

Join us for an open house on February 9, 2017 

Project Description

The Signal property official groundbreakingThe Development Code improvement Project will work to make development rule changes that would promote active, vibrant, walkable districts and remove obstacles to desired development.
Current work involves Development Code provisions regarding parking, drive-throughs, minimum development required on Downtown sites, and how transportation impacts of development are evaluated. Most of the changes apply in Downtown and multiple-use districts, but some apply citywide.

Upcoming Events

  People entering The Barcelona complex   
Jan. 23 - Beaverton Committee for Citizen Involvement (BCCI)

Feb. 7 - City Council Work Session

Feb. 9 - Public Open House
Feb. 22 - Planning Commission Work Session

March 8 - Planning Commission Work Session


Issues & Proposed Changes
Proposed Text Language 
Open House Flyer 
Public Notice 



Jana Fox, Associate Planner