Notice of funding availability

Program Year 2017 CDBG Subrecipient Applications

The City of Beaverton is proud to announce the opening of our Community Development Block Grant Program Year 2017 funding round. This is a competitive application scored against criteria outlined in the application and the 2015-2020 Consolidated Plan. 

Applications are due no later than January 27, 2017 at 3:00pm. Submission instructions are located on the first page of the application packet. If you need clarification on the application criteria, please contact Emma Deppa, CDBG Specialist, at (503) 526-2443 or by email.
Application resources are provided below.

Application Materials 

PY17 Public Services Application
PY17 Microenterprise Application
PY17 Beaverton Budget (Exhibit I-9) 
Note: Program Year 2017 Subrecipient Applications for Housing Rehabilitation and Affordable Homeownership are pending.

Application Resources

10-Year Plan to End Homelessness
2015-2020 Consolidated Plan
Beaverton Program pages: Chapter 4, Section III (page 141)

2015-2020 Consolidated Plan Objectives with PY17 Targets

Goal Name Goal Outcome Indicator 5-Year Goal PY17 Goal
Homeless Persons Overnight Shelter Persons Assisted 190 persons 38 persons
Emergency Rental Assistance Persons Assisted 500 persons 100 persons
Supportive Services Persons Assisted 435 persons 87 persons
Microenterprise Technical Assistance Persons Assisted 275 persons 70 persons
Affordable Homeownership Households Assisted 10 households 2 households
Housing Rehabilitation Households Assisted 160 households 35 households