Beaverton Central Creekside Redevelopment

Beaverton Central Creekside Redevelopment Rendering by Ankrom Moisan


The Beaverton Central Creekside Redevelopment is a compilation of development projects at the former Westgate theater property and The Round. Taking advantage of nearby light rail, the projects within the nearly 12-acre area will further city priorities and initiatives in creating a vibrant urban center—increasing the number of people living, working, and visiting the city's central core.

Development Components

Mixed-Use Development Buildings (The Rise East/West)

Two Residential with ground floor commercial buildings are proposed on the Westgate theater site. Crescent Street will be extended through the site providing pedestrian and vehicular access into the development.

Upscale, Business Class Hotel

An urban designed hotel with a destination restaurant on the ground floor is expected to be located in the southeast corner of the Westgate theater site.

Beaverton Center for the Arts

Destined to be a regional attraction, the space is envisioned to host a 450-seat performance theater, traveling performances, a visual art gallery, and more. Center for the Arts

Publicly Owned Parking Garage

The garage would be used to support existing and project area parking.


  • The mixed-use residential development  had a hearing with the Planning Commission on November 9, 2016. Agreements are in place between Rembold Properties, the city, and Metro for the project, which includes 215 market-rate units, 15 affordable units, and approximately 6,000 square feet of commercial space. These pieces allow the project to continue forward with an expected construction start date in spring 2017.
  • The city is establishing an agreement with Canterbury Hotel Group to move forward with a potential urban style hotel and restaurant.
  • The Beaverton Center for the Arts and publicly-owned parking garage are moving forward with the second phase of design.


The Beaverton Central Creekside Redevelopment project is an early-stage development project. Many details may change as the project takes shape and evolves. The city’s goal is to provide accurate, timely, and up-to-date project details. This project information will be updated as new information is available, last updated November 14, 2016. Contact project staff for the latest information.