Denney Road 12-inch Waterline - CIP 4109

Denney Road (105th Ave-Rollingwood Drive and King Blvd-Belaire Dr) 12-Inch Waterline

Project Description:

 Install 1,150 feet of 12-inch DIP waterline in Denney Rd from 105th Ave to Rollingwood Dr near Hwy 217 that will serve as a bypass for an aging 16-inch waterline and ensure uninterrupted service for approximately 300 homes in case of a main break on the 16-inch line. Also, extend a 12-inch waterline from King Blvd to 111th St and abandon a 6-inch cast iron waterline between King Blvd and Belaire Dr that conflicts with the construction of the Denney Rd shared-use path (see CIP 3410).

Project Manager:

Jim Brink, 503-526-2450 
Deborah Martizak, 503-350-4084

Project Status:

 FY13/14: Completed topographic survey and preliminary layout.

FY14/15: Begin design by City staff.

FY15/16: Completed design 3-9-16. Project advertised 3-11-16. Bids opened 4-5-16. Tapani Underground is the low bidder. Project began on 5-9-16 and the projected end date is July 2016.

Substantial Completion Date:

July 15, 2016

Denney Road Waterline/CADD/Final Plans

CIP 4109 Description
Heavy equipment used to dig trench for new water pipeline.