CIP 3519A - Canyon Road MTIP

Canyon Road Intersection Improvements MTIP

Project Description:

 This Metro Transportation Improvement Plan project is intended to address safety, connectivity, and accessibility issues on 4,900 feet of Canyon Road between SW Hocken Ave and SW Short St. The project will upgrade intersections at Hocken Ave and Cedar Hills Blvd as well as reconstruct Canyon Rd from west of Hocken Ave to Short St. Improvements include sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, lighting, and signalization. The sidewalk crossing on Beaverton Creek may also be widened. The project requires extensive coordination with ODOT, the agency that has jurisdiction of Canyon Rd. A bike route alternative to Canyon Rd is contained in CIP 3518. Improvements to Hocken Ave on the south side of Canyon Rd are included in CIP 3408. CIP 3408 has been incorporated into CIP 3519A.

Project Manager:

Todd Juhasz, 503-526-2424
                                       Jim Brink, 503-526-2450                                        

Project Status:

FY 12-13: Completed Creekside District Mobility Audit, Canyon Road planning and design sessions with ODOT, preliminary corridor design documents, and draft memorandum of understanding with ODOT; began public outreach. In Apr 2013 applied for Tiger V grant. Application was unsuccessful. See CIP 3310 concerning the HUD Community Challenge grant and Creekside District Master Planning.

FY 13-14: In Nov 2013 City received approval of $3.535 million in Federal aid through the MTIP. City match is $394,000. OTAK completed survey; continued Creekside District Master Plan work and refinement of design, ODOT coordination and public outreach. In Apr 2014 applied for TIGER VI grant.

FY 14-15: Continued Creekside District Master Plan work, ODOT coordination and public outreach; completed environmental permit applications and 30% design. Tiger VI grant application not approved. Continued coordination with ODOT concerning acceptable design standards. Submitted TIGER VII grant application in Jun 2015.

FY15-16: 10-29-15 TIGER VII application not approved. Final Project Delivery Charter completed 12-10-15. Draft IGA with ODOT completed 1-19-16. Council approved IGA with ODOT 4-5-2016. Begin design.

FY16-17: Complete 60% design and cost estimates.

Substantial Completion Date:

September 30, 2019


Street scene of westbound Canyon Rd at intersection with Cedar Hills Blvd.