Housing Update

The City of Beaverton is expected to add nearly 30,000 new residents over the next 20 years. It is essential that this anticipated growth be planned for and managed with purpose, foresight, and community input. To this end, the City is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan to analyze and readdress its existing housing policies.

As part of Beaverton’s Comprehensive Plan update, the City will review existing housing availability, identify areas where growth can be accommodated, assess existing affordable housing tools and policies, and identify strategies to strengthen neighborhoods. Beaverton’s Civic Plan and other key documents will provide guidance in developing new housing policies.

In the past few years, the City has made great strides in making Beaverton a more attractive and thriving place to live. A reassessment of the Beaverton’s Comprehensive Plan is a significant effort in continuing this tradition, and we are excited to involve the public in this work. The City will lead a multi-year public outreach effort to inform the public of its progress and promote opportunities for the Beaverton community to get involved in the Comprehensive Plan Update process.

View the current Housing chapter of Beaverton’s Comprehensive Plan.

Background Reports

Beaverton Housing Indicators

(PSU Population Research Center, 2013)
Number of Housing Units
(Census, 2010)
Number of Affordable Housing Units
(Metro Regional Inventory of Regulated Affordable Housing, 2011)
Median Home Value
(ESRI, 2012)
Renter Occupied Housing
(Census, 2010)
18,735 (47.4% of total housing)
Owner Occupied Housing
(Census, 2010)
18,478 (46.8% of total housing)
Poverty Rate
(Census 2008-2012 5 year ACS)

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